R.I.P. Phyllis Diller : 1917 – 2012

R.I.P. Phyllis Diller : 1917 - 2012

“A Smile is a Curve that sets EVERYTHING STRAIGHT”. ~ Phyllis Diller. One of the greatest people I’ve had the fortune to know. Phyllis was a fireball – even at 93, when we had the opportunity to hang out around her 93rd birthday, two years ago at the Getty Museum in LA La land.

After opting to hang back from the Getty grounds tour with Diller & co., I’ll never forget when she said, “Hell, who are they kidding, I AM THE ONE…the ONLY… the ORIGINAL Ga Ga.” She was as sharp as a tack and drank most double her size under the table.


The ORIGINAL Lady Gaga.

“A bachelor is a guy who never made the same mistake once.” ~ Phyllis Diller


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21 August, 2012 · 07:08

One response to “R.I.P. Phyllis Diller : 1917 – 2012

  1. Anthony Cashmere

    Rest In Peace, my beloved Phyllis Diller…

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