Houses of the Best Taste Stand for Something.

As human beings, we cannot help but be subject to our preferences. However, we do have control over the manner in which these manifest themselves in our lives. Every value we hold dear is an expression of either support or opposition & it’s our perspective that determines whether we are for something or against it. We can direct our energy & intentions into activities that promote peace, rather than using our resources to speak out in opposition. On the surface, these appear to be two interchangeable methods of expressing one virtue, yet being for something is a vastly more potent means of inspiring change because it carries with it the power of constructive intent.

When you support a cause, whether your support is active or passive, you contribute to the optimism that fuels all affirmative change. Optimistic thoughts energize people, giving them hope and inspiring them to work diligently on behalf of what they believe in. Being for something creates a positive shift in the universe, which means neither you nor those who share your vision will have any trouble believing transformation on a grand scale. To be against something is typically easy, as you need only speak out in opposition to it. Standing up for something is often more challenging, because you may be introducing an idea to people that may scare them on a soul level.

Throughout our lives, we’ve likely been told the actions of one person will seldom have a measurable impact on the world. Yet, a willingness to stand up for what we believe in instead of decrying what we oppose can turn the tides of fate. The thoughts projected when choosing to adopt a positive perspective will provide a means to actively promote your values and, eventually, foster lasting change.

Every value we hold dear is transferred to our home environment – whether consciously or otherwise. In thinking about the values, people and things most important to you, is your home revealing the values most important to you? Whether it’s incorporating your Grandparent’s antique vanity, or merely displaying important family photos, what you include in your home says a lot. In evaluating your surroundings, ask yourself, “Does my personal style stand for the things most important to me?” If not, don’t fret. Shedding negatives is always cathartic, and exchanging the negative for positive will make you and your visitors feel even better. Go ahead & try it out for yourself, you’ll be amazed how simple changes can affect great results.


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