Home is your treasure chest.

We’re wonderful creatures who have it in us to create. “Creativity” is the word we use for our desire to make use of our inner resources, employ our imagination, knit together our thoughts and our feelings into beautiful things like songs, quilts, or novels, and feel like the hero of our own story. It’s the way we make manifest our potential, make use of our intelligence, and embrace what we love. When we create, we feel whole, useful & devoted.

Unfortunately, we often also feel anxious as we create or contemplate creating. There are many reasons for this. We get anxious because we fear we may fail, because we fear we may disappoint ourselves, because the work can be extremely hard, because the marketplace may criticize & reject us, and so on. We want to create, because creating is a wonderful thing, but we also hesitate to create, to spare ourselves anxiety. This is the simple, profound dilemma in which millions of people often find themselves.

The solution is very simple to say, although much harder to put into practice. In order to create & to deal with the anxiety that can come with creating, we must acknowledge & accept anxiety is part of the process, demand that we’ll learn—and then really put our creative juices into practice.

When you begin to think of your home as your own personal treasure chest, you start to envision the spoils of success in which you’d like to surround yourself & every visitor who finds his or her self in your abode. What does your home say about you? Are you humble? Daring? Creative…extravagant…or thrifty? Perhaps you’re a combination of many of these? Whatever your personal style, do your best to make your home the treasure chest you always dreamed of discovering.


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