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Familiar, yet Different.

Swanky Sunday feature; Edgeland Residence.

Swanky Sunday feature; Edgeland Residence.

When we come full circle there is the feeling that we have come to a familiar place but we are somehow different.

Life is a circular journey through our issues & processes, and this is why things that are technically new often seem very familiar. It’s also why, whenever we work to release a habit, change a pattern, or overcome a fear, we often encounter that issue one last time, even after we thought we’d conquered it. Often, when this happens, we feel defeated or frustrated that after all our hard work we’re still dealing with the same problem(s). However, the reappearance of a pattern, habit, or fear, is often a sign that we have come full circle, and that if we can maintain our resolve through one last test, we’ll achieve a new level of mastery.

When we come full circle, there‘s often the feeling we’ve arrived in a familiar place, but that we ourselves are somehow different. We know we can handle challenges that seemed insurmountable when we began our journey, & there’s the feeling we might be ready to take on a new problem, or some new aspect of the old problem. We feel empowered & courageous to have taken on the challenge of stopping a pattern, releasing a habit, or overcoming a fear, and to have succeeded. At times like these, we deserve a moment of rest & self-congratulation before we move on to the next challenge.

Coming full circle is like stepping into a clearing where, for a moment, we can see where we came from & where we’re standing at the same time. Remembering that we’ll be tested again is important, but it’s also imperative to pause &take a look at the ground we’ve covered, honoring our courage, our persistence, and our achievement(s). Then and only then can we begin the next leg of our circular journey with a deeper understanding of where we’re coming from and where we’ve been.


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Ridding Yourself from Complications.

Serene Sunday on eyewash

Serene Sunday on eyewash

Regular periods of sleep are key to a healthy body and a clear mind as it is during sleep that your body renews itself.

When life gets busy, sleep is often the first activity we sacrifice. Considered a luxury by many busy people, sleep is actually as vital to sustaining a balanced life as are breathing, eating, and drinking. Getting sufficient sleep can be a potent energizer, just as not getting enough sleep can leave you feeling drained and sluggish. While eight hours is the average amount of sleep for which most adults should generally aim, the right amount of sleep varies upon the individual. Some people may thrive on just four hours, while others don’t feel well rested unless they’ve slept for ten hours. How much we sleep also varies, depending upon where we are in life. Young people often need more sleep, while Elders may need less. However, the benefits of sleep always stay the same. Regular & consistent periods of wakefulness / sleep are key ingredients to fostering a healthy body & a clear mind. After all, it’s during sleep that your body renews itself.

The ability to forgo sleep is considered by some to be an asset. But, while it may seem the nighttime hours can be better used for more productive activities, sleep in itself is extremely productive. During sleep, your body & psyche are both regaining their strength for the coming day. You may even have the unique opportunity to explore the hidden recesses of your personality while you dream. Meanwhile, your long-term memories are reinforced.

Many cultures engage in an afternoon siesta. Taking a nap is refreshing & can increase both productivity and creativity. Author Lewis Carroll is said to have conceived his idea for Alice in Wonderland while dreaming. A good night’s sleep also has been known to bring with it the gifts of clarity, wisdom, and a fresh perspective. Even the ancient Greeks thought of sleep as a gift from the gods. Giving yourself the gift of peaceful slumber, you’ll likely find yourself feeling alert, refreshed & ready for life’s challenges. You may also find yourself feeling more centered, thoughtful, and aware throughout the day so you can live your full potential. No matter what your ongoing complications may be, try and take time to mend yourself this weekend.

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A Home for the Mind and Body.

You may find yourself feeling frustrated and impatient in your interactions with others. You might experience misunderstandings & miscommunications and this could leave you feeling like you want to withdraw from the world. While you may not be able to set aside all of your obligations, you might find it beneficial to escape from tension & enjoy a short period of personal time today.

Consider a restorative intermission in which you can pursue activities that soothe your nerves & fill you with a sense of peacefulness. Ideal pastimes would be calming meditation, quiet reading, or inspiring visualization. When you emerge from these activities, you should find you feel stronger & better able to connect with others in productive ways.

Taking a break from stressful circumstances can clear our minds, lift our spirits, and return a sense of harmony to our interactions with others. We often feel obligated to continue with our normal activities even when we’re feeling overwhelmed & frustrated. By giving ourselves permission to take a short break from stress, we’re able to gain control over our emotions and foster a more positive mind-set.

Engaging in restorative activities like meditation & visualization also help us release tension & clear our minds of scattered thoughts, which can improve our communications with others. With lifted spirits and a clearer focus, we’re able to continue our normal activities feeling refreshed & renewed. Your activities can become peaceful and productive if you make time for a restorative intermission. Creating a home containing food and fire for both the mind & the body will help restore your soul.

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Serene Sunday on eyewash design.

Serene Sunday on eyewash design.

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16 June, 2013 · 07:39

Say Hello to Serene Sunday.

Live in the present & make it so beautiful that it will be worth remembering. – Ida Scott Taylor

It's Serene SUNDAY over @ eyewash design!g.d.: K. Alane Golden, eyewash design, c. 2013.

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25 February, 2013 · 01:16