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Striking Saturday Says: The Client is Always Right.

It's Striking Saturday, ya'll!

It’s Striking Saturday, ya’ll!

Well, at least if you want to be paid. In the meantime, for those in design professions, we can all commiserate about the plain old stupidity of some clients. Thankfully, there’s a website that allows us to do just that. The following pearls of wisdom appear courtesy of Clients From Hell:

“The artwork is approved, but we need to replace the skeleton, we think it might be homosexual, and that could ostracize the audience, it’s a very masculine industry.

Make it more good.

I had a client that requested we meet in his kitchen. Halfway through our meeting, he excused himself to go to the bathroom but left the door open so we could continue to talk. I charged extra for that meeting.

My wife really hates blue. So does my secretary.

When I get a business card this size (not 3.5 x 2 inches), I think that that person is a fag.

Can you make the circles a little bit rounder?

It seems to be taking a long time. Would it be quicker if I came down and sat with you guys through it all?

You’re gonna charge $400 for that? Aren’t you from India? What’re you going to do with $400?!

Can you bill your design time in 6 minute increments

I’m pretty broke right now.

For loads more frustrating fun, make sure you check out Clients From Hell (and submit your own horror stories!). Do you have your own frustrating design horror stories?

Original Post discovered on Apartment Therapy. Thank you guys, this one was good!


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Audacious and Bold.

Striking Saturday on eyewash.

Taking small risks in life teaches us when to take big ones by helping us fine-tune our intuition. When we weigh the rewards & consequences of emotional risks such as asking someone out on a date, asking for a raise, daring to share a piece of artwork, or installing say, a porch swing in our living room, we can see that the benefits usually outweigh the negatives.

There are times when our sense of fear is guiding us correctly, however, we can only learn to understand our inner compass by using it regularly in safe situations and paying attention to the results. As we learn to stretch boundaries, we’re learning to be less concerned about the opinions of others & more about perfecting the art of taking appropriate risks that will allow us to more fully become the people we are meant to be.

Often, it’s easier to practice this newly discovered audaciousness in our homes. Daring to be bold and taking risks can easily be implemented within the walls of our own homes. With each brazen step, no matter how unconventional it may at first seem, we take an opportunity to test these bold decisions upon the fellow inhabitants & visitors to our space. Doing so will bestow courage to implement this outside our normal comfort zones. Remember, baby steps eventually lead to further journeys extending beyond our wildest imaginations!

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Know What You Want.

Regarding the look of your home, you may be keenly aware of what you want & not at all hesitant about trying to get it.  But, don’t be surprised if this determination to get what you want lands you in the middle of multiple negotiations with others. Knowing yourself & what you want can make you a more effective negotiator inside and outside your home. Often, we approach debates or disagreements in an emotional way, letting what we feel overshadow the point we’re trying to convey.

Having a sense of where you stand on an issue before engaging in debate will help you determine how you can best approach negotiations. Different situations may call for different tactics & it often serves us best to be logical rather than becoming too emotional when we engage in bargaining. Know what you want before you begin negotiating for it, and you’ll likely end up on the winner’s side.

Whether it’s using pops of color to strike the greatest “wow” balance in your home, or work space, knowing what you want is the first key to confidant choices and a successful long-lasting look for life.

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How Do You Want to Feel?

Not only is design akin to creating a movie “set,” so too is life. Your home is like glimpsing a sneak preview for your own personal film. Depending on what’s going on in your life, your home is a direct reflection of your mood. Sometimes, a playful mood can inspire you the need to be entertained. You may find yourself inspired to host or attend a party because you’re feeling outgoing and good-natured. Or, perhaps you’re facing looming obligations, or or are feeling overwhelmed by many tasks yet to be completed. If you find yourself in the latter, consider the need for fun and humor in your life. This can be as legitimate as your need for sustenance. A humorous and spirited mind-set may be an indication you’re in need of soulful or friendly companionship. This can lead to an opportunity to gather your friends and family for an afternoon or evening of games and cheerful conversation. Design_MovieSet_Jun_13Satisfying your craving for fun, however, may require you to set your looming responsibilities aside for a time. Don’t sweat it! Remember, the backdrop you’ve created will help frame your mindset & obligations will always be there tomorrow…next day…next year.

With this in mind, don’t feel guilty to give into playful urges…this can add a sense of lightheartedness to your daily life that makes the everyday more enjoyable. Often, our personal and professional obligations overshadow our need for fun and relaxation. However, play is a creative act—it inspires imagination and gives you a means to reach beyond your usual limits. Play can show you a world that is filled with possibilities and allows you to examine your life within that limitless context. Play gives you a chance to ask “What if,” and explore your options. When you choose to embrace your playful mood, you’ll find life becomes much brighter. No matter which path you choose, the “set” that is your home not only reflects your personality, but is a chance to inspire yourself in day-to-day choices. Better make it good!

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Striking Saturday: If you like it, use it.

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